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Lesson 2 -- Numbers, Days, Months -- Part 8 [Feb. 1st, 2005|01:14 pm]
Learn Japanese
Replace the underlined words with the options given below.

--Kyou wa nan-youbi desu ka. (What day [of the week] is it today?)
--(Kyou wa) Nichi youbi desu. ([Today is] Sunday).

1. getsu
2. ka
3. sui
4. moku
5. kin
6. do

--Ima nan-ji desu ka. (What time is it now?)
--(Ima) gozen shichi ji go-juppun desu. (It is 7:50 am [now].)

1. gogo roku ji han (Half past six in the evening)
2. yo ji san juppun (4:30pm)

--(Anata no) uchi no denwa-bango wa nan-ban desu ka. (What is your home phone number?)
--zero san nana no hachi yon go no roku kyuu ni ichi desu. (It's 037-845-6921).

1. 210-937-4685
2. 968- 251-3074

--(Anata no) sei-nen-gappi wa nan desu ka. (What is your date of birth?)
--Sen kyuu-hyaku hachi-ju-ichi nen, go gatsu, ni-ju-san nichi desu. (It's May 23, 1981. [Literally, Thousand Nine-hundred Eighty-one year, 5(th) month, 23(rd) day]).

1. August 17, 1979
2. December 31, 1999
3. Try saying your own date of birth using this pattern.

The sad news is that the numbers lesson is, by no means, over. Numbers are very tricky in Japanese. Imagine you go to the book store and say, "I want five pens." That was simple, no? To say the same in Japanese, you will have to use the counter for tall/slender/cylindrical things and modify the word for 'five' with that suffix. Of course, if there is a counter specifically for tall/slender/cylindrical things then there must be another one for flat things, another for round/spherical things, etc. So there are. Lots of them.
Then there are the counters for the days of the month. You can't just say 'first' of May. There is a special word for the first day of any month. As is for second, third, all the way up to tenth. In addition the 14th, 20th and the 24th day also have a special way of saying them.
Don't worry, I won't go into them just yet. That's a whole another lesson (or five). I only mention that to get you initiated.

Happy Learning!

— End of Part 8 —
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