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Lesson 2 -- Numbers, Days, Months -- Part 7 [Feb. 1st, 2005|01:10 pm]
Learn Japanese
Months are easy. January is Month 1; February is Month 2; November is Month 11; etc. In a lunar calendar, one month is the time the Moon takes to travel around the Earth. Therefore, the word for month is the same as the word for moon—tsuki (つき—月). Wait a minute, wasn't Monday (Moon Day) a getsu something? That's right, but getsu is the on yomi of 月. However, neither tsuki nor getsu is used when referring to the name of a month. In that instance, a third pronunciation of 月 is used—gatsu (がつ). So January is 一月 (いち がつ—ichi gatsu); February 二月 (に がつ—ni gatsu); and so on. Here's the Months' table:

Januaryichi gatsuいち がつ一月
Februaryni gatsuに がつ二月
Marchsan gatsuさん がつ三月
Aprilshi gatsuし がつ四月
Junego gatsuご がつ五月
Julyroku gatsuろく がつ六月
Augustnana gatsuなな がつ七月
Septemberhachi gatsuはち がつ八月
Octoberkyuu gatsuきゅう がつ九月
Novemberjuu ichi gatsuじゅ いち がつ十一月
Decemberjuu ni gatsuじゅ に がつ十二月

— End of Part 7 —
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