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Learn Japanese — one lesson at a time.

Less than an year ago, I knew no Japanese. None. Now I am up to the point where I can have simple conversations in Japanese. How, you ask, can I teach you Japanese when I am myself a student? Very well, I think. First of all, everything taught to me is still fresh in my mind. Second, I am a very good Japanese student. Third, I can present the information to you in a manner that I know you will understand. Fourth, I have lots of time. If you don't understand something, you'll just ask me, and I'll tell it to you in some other way. Fifth, if I don't know the answer to something immediately, I can ask my own teachers and get back to you.

The idea is to have a repository of notes for my own reference. However, if someone else benefits from them, so much the better. What have you got to lose anyway?

One thing to note, however: Each lesson will be rather long—as long as it will be necessary to get the point across. I will take no short-cuts nor use lj-cut.

Gambatte kudasai!

PS: If you are just joining the community, I suggest you start at the very beginning and make your way up as each new lesson will build upon the previous ones. Use the Day view of the journal to load a lesson as each lesson is (and will be) rather long and Live Journal refuses to let me post it all in one entry. This way you will get the entire lesson is the correct order on a single page and not chopped up in reverse order.

Although it may seem so, this community is not dead. It will be updated when I feel like it.